Carrier Pricing Automation Fees

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National Services

$495.00Base Monthly Flat Fee

  • Split-billing $75 each
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Quotes

Carrier Automation

$35.00carrier tariff/month

  • $145 initial tariff setup
  • $ 65 tariff updates
  • Custom tariffs per estimate

Volume Spot Quoting (optional)

$175.00Monthly per 10 Spot Quote Agents

  • $495 initial setup (10 agents)
  • No future change fees
  • Unlimited Quotes

Pricing Overview

Additional Terms Are Available

We strive to deliver high-value services at reasonable prices. Our services are scalable to accommodate any sized project.

The bottom line is we will negotiate equitable terms and will always earn your business!

Tariff Management

After signing up with WDX, your administrators will select carriers from our list or provide additional contacts. We will take it from there and communicate directly with your carriers by using auto-generating letters of authorization. We will upload your specific pricing and automate the rates for your companies private use. All pricing and accessorials are formatted and uploaded by WDX.

Class rates require password credentials to establish an interface.

Carrier services include local cartage, surface air line-hauls, class-based rates, EUV services, national LTL, partial and full-truckload services.

Volume Spot Quote System (optional)

WDX has an interactive module for obtaining volume freight quotes from preapproved transport service providers. WDX connects you to vetted carriers and brokers that offer hands-on quoting for special requirements. Filters are embedded in regular freight quotes that will alert your staff when weight, volume density, freight dimensions, should be considered. And a spot quote is highly recommended.

It’s an automated system that assesses geographical areas and the size of shipments your service providers have agreed to spot-quote.